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New Product :: Spring Holiday Social Emotional Activity Pack

Spring Social-Emotional Activity PackThis activity pack contains 11 social skills, anger management, and social emotional activities in a fun spring theme to use around Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the days in between! It contains the following:

Social Skills Pragmatic Conversation Heart Cards (32 cards with decorative card backs)
– Shamrock Charades Cards (32 cards with decorative card backs)
– Fact & Opinion Cards (24 cards with decorative card backs)

Spring Social Emotional Activity Pack
– Cause and Effect Easter Egg Activity
– Cupid Friendship Activity

Cupid's Friends
– Easter Egg Problem-Solving Activity (editable)
– Easter Egg Anger Coping Skills Activity
– Rain Goal Setting WorksheetRain Goal Setting
– Positive Thinking Garden Flower Activity

Flower Positive Self Talk
– Self-Esteem Flower Worksheet
– Leprechaun Problem-Solving WorksheetSt. Patrick Problem Solving
– “I’ve Learned…” Spring Bulletin Board Activity

Forms are presented in PDF format (except for editable files in Microsoft Word format) in color and in black and white! Download the preview for low resolution images of a few of the activities!

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Pinterest Find :: Time Out Bottle


I came across this the other day and I think it just a fantastic idea! These bottles are very easy to make, and you can get full directions here. Basically, you fill plastic bottles with fun things. Then, when a child needs to calm down, they take the bottle with them and remain in time out until the glitter settles to the bottom. I don’t currently have children of my own, but when I do, I’m definitely using this idea! I just love them for so many reasons:

1) Watching the glitter fall is soothing and encourage a child to calm down who is in a time out (which should really be the point anyway!)

2) If they shake the bottle or get impatient, the glitter mixes up again and will take longer to all setting to the bottom

3) They’re made of plastic and won’t break on the ground when dropped or thrown (can’t say the same for other time out timers!)

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Pinterest Find :: Printable Game Boards

Pinterest Find :: Printable Game Boards

I came across this today and got SO EXCITED! I’ve always strayed away from making lots of social skills games because of the whole board issue…now I won’t have to! Printable boards, are you serious!?

Well, this website has all kinds of good ones: Candyland, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, and several others. I guess I don’t have an excuses anymore!