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Fun Freebie :: Classroom Attention Grabbers

Class Attention Grabbers

If you follow along often, you’ll know that I love highlighting some of the great school counseling-related products available on TeachersPayTeachers. Some of the time, it’s bit selfishly motivated because if I write about it for all of you, I’m much better at remembering later that the particular resource exists, so I don’t have to go recreate the wheel when it’s already saved somewhere on my computer or hiding under a pile of IEPs! The other reason is because there are so many amazing teacher-authors out there sharing their classroom tested activities, games, and tips on TeachersPayTeachers and I want every time-crunched, exhausted, creativity-craving school employee out there to see all the great stuff they can get with just the click of a mouse!

Today, I wanted to show you a great packet put together by Clever Classroom that contains TONS of unique attention-getters. I’ve realized that more and more of my groups seemed to be filled with kids who struggle with focus and remaining on-task and I keep meaning to use something like this to keep us where we need to be.

They have a bunch of verbal attention getters:Class Attention Grabbers

and nonverbal ones too!

Class Attention Grabbers


and the best part is that this guide is free! Just head over to her store and pick it up here. Awesome resource! I might even put up a copy in our faculty lounge….hmmm!


Do you have any that work well for your groups or classroom?