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New Product :: Behavior Trivia Game

Has anyone else felt like the last few weeks have been a constant “full moon?” I have no idea WHAT’S been going on, but between the constant fire-fighting I’ve been doing plus the lovely PARCC testing window, I feel like I haven’t had time to plan an actual, decent lesson in weeks for my poor kiddos!

Being the planner that I am, I absolutely hate walking back to my office with a group trying to brainstorm an activity for them as we’re walking! Generally, it results in me playing Social Skills Land or another game I’ve made up. And while those lessons always go super well and my kids love them, I feel bad not coming up with something new. “Teacher Guilt,” I’m going to start calling it!

Well, because I have a feeling I’m not magically going to gain an extra hour of plan time, I figured I would let you all in on some of the other “go-to” activities I have for my students. If you haven’t been over to the TpT store in awhile, you may not have noticed that my Social Emotional Trivia Games are now available individually or as a money-saving bundle.

Each has 24 editable questions in a “Jeopardy-type” style to help kids learn about a variety of social and emotional skill topics. Well, I just added a new game for behavior! If you already own the bundle, all you have to do is re-download it and you’ll have all the games. If you don’t own the bundle, you can head over and pick up the new behavior one by itself (or get the whole bundle!)

The questions are just “think and answer” questions either. I made sure to make it interactive, so they’ll be drawing, acting, thinking, and talking! And while I don’t have a Smartboard, a few lucky people I’ve talked to do and they’ve been able to use this on their as well for a whole class.

Behavior Trivia

Behavior Trivia

Behavior Trivia

So hop on over to my store and pick it up for yourself!  There’s also a version for Divorce that’s free if you’d like to try it out first!Divorce Trivia