New Product :: Alternative Suspension Activities


One of the most difficult parts of working with students is helping them manage their behavior. Traditional discipline such as suspensions and expulsions that has been found to be ineffective at changing behavior has left teachers and administrators feeling powerless as to how to deal with negative school behaviors.

A great way to help students learn to exhibit appropriate behavior is to teach them to think about their actions and their effect on others. While it’s often difficult for students to think about their own actions after a behavioral situation, thinking about other people’s similar actions is less threatening, which is where these scenarios can help. Scenarios address issues such as disruption, lying, disrespect, bullying, property damage, weapons at school, threats, LGBT bullying, racism, and physical aggression/fighting.

NOTE: All scenarios are also EDITABLE, so you can change anything about them to fit your student’s needs. However, this product does contain mature content related to issues such as drugs/alcohol, sex/dating, adult language, violence, and racism. Please preview ALL activities before presenting to students.

These processing activities help students to take the perspectives of others, think about cause and effect, and learn empathy. They’re best used in small group or individual in-school suspension or counseling sessions to help create an open dialog between the student and an adult in the school setting.

This product contains 47 different scenarios, a blank page for creating your own, and a partner activity where students create their own scenarios and questions and then switch papers. Contains an easy-to-print PDF version as well as the editable Powerpoint version.

Scenarios are coded based on the behavior they address, as well as the age group they are most appropriate for. Just check the bottom of each page to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.


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