New Product :: Alternative Suspension Activities

  One of the most difficult parts of working with students is helping them manage their behavior. Traditional discipline such as suspensions and expulsions that has been found to be ineffective at changing behavior has left teachers and administrators feeling … Continue reading

New Product :: Sequencing Activities for ADHD, Autism, or Executive Functioning

Many students struggle with executive function skills – things like prioritizing, focusing, organizing, completing tasks, or understanding cause and effect. These sequencing activities provide an opportunity for students to improve their executive functioning or life skills and are great for … Continue reading

Sale :: Teacher Appreciation!

Well guys, we’re almost there! The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and we (and our students) are getting itchy for summer. It takes a really special person to be a teacher (or school counselor, school speech-language pathologist, … Continue reading

Awareness :: Re-Thinking Retention

Dear Fellow Educators, As April and May approach, a lot of discussion turns to planning for the following year, with particular emphasis on promoting or retaining students in their current grade. In the last month this year, I’ve had more … Continue reading

New Product :: Self-Esteem “All About Me” Tab Book

I’m really excited to share this new product with you because teaching social-emotional skills doesn’t have to be difficult! With Tab Books, students’ drawings, writing, and graphic organizers come together to create a customized book they can be proud of … Continue reading

New Product :: Social Skills Trading Cards

If there’s one thing I know about my students it’s that they LOVE trading cards – sports cards, cards from their favorite television show, any kind of cards. AND they’ve memorized virtually every statistic possible about their given characters or … Continue reading

New Product :: Rainbow of Feelings Game

This interactive game helps students in grades PreK-2nd learn how to identify and express various emotions. It is especially helpful for students with Autism, Emotional Disabilities, and Anger or other Social Skills difficulties. Games are also a great way to … Continue reading

Why I Stopped Teaching My Students to Follow the Rules

Raise your hand if you spend hours each week talking with students about following the rules. Ha…yeah, pretty much everyone, right?! Behaviors and consequences, detentions, suspensions, time outs, rules, rules, rules. Maybe it’s just me but I seriously feel like school … Continue reading

New Product :: Social Emotional Comics

All right, everyone. I’m REALLY excited about this new resource…like, REALLY excited. I’ve been working on it for awhile and the groups I’ve used it with at school absolutely love it. These comics provide students with a range of social difficulties … Continue reading

Sale :: Be Mine!

I just learned today that there’s a term to describe the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday. I’m not even kidding you! The good news is that you’ve technically survived past this so-called down day, since it’s usually the … Continue reading