Tips & Tricks :: Gold Tag Behavior Management Plan

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you may know that I really really dislike behavior clip charts. I know I know…please don’t hurt me! Yes, they’re super easy for teachers, but I honestly cannot tell you how many times … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks :: 25 Best Classroom Management Tips

  Anyone out there have a class this year that’s just one of “those classes?” You know, the ones you swear are going to force you into retirement 5, 10, or 25 years early? The ones who leave you so … Continue reading

New Product :: Incentive Punch Cards – Bubble Design

If you’ve been around for a little while, you may have seen my Designer Behavior Incentive Punch Cards. Well, this past weekend I got around to making a bunch of other cool sets too! Visual reinforcement is always best and … Continue reading

Pinterest Find :: Student Self-Reflection Report Card

The other day, I came across this awesome student reflection page by Inspire Me, ASAP! I’m always looking for ways to help students gain awareness over their actions as well as insight into their strengths and weaknesses. I love that … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks :: Classroom Transitions

Many kids have a lot of difficulty changing from one activity to another during the school day. Add to that Autism, ADHD, or another disorder and you’ve got the scene set for distractions, tantrums, and frustration. I’m not sure what … Continue reading

New(ish) Product :: Brain Breaks

This week was one of those weeks for me! Regardless of how hard I tried to sit and write IEP goals, do my medicaid billing, or lesson plan for next week, I just couldn’t! Now granted, this week was our … Continue reading

Pinterest Find :: Interrupting Chicken Activities

At our school book fair last year, I bought a great book called Interrupting Chicken. It’s become a favorite of several of my students, so I’m always looking for more activities I can use when we read it! So imagine … Continue reading

Pinterest Find :: Bucket Fillers vs. Bucket Dippers

One of the things my school has done each year is read Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids,” by Carol McCloud to the younger grades. “Filling a Bucket,” not being a “Bucket Dipper,” … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks :: Non-Color-Coded Behavior Management

Recently, I wrote a post detailing my dislike for those color-coded behavior clip charts that dominate the land of Pinterest and teacher blogs. Sure, they’re cute, they’re easy, and they change behavior, but they also undermine respect and dignity, humiliate┬ástudents, … Continue reading

Pinterest Find :: Colorful Behavior Management Charts

Ok…so the title of this post is probably misleading…but please don’t throw anything. Hear me out! Really, I should call it “Why A Little Part of me Wants to Die Every Time I See One of Those Colored Behavior Clip … Continue reading