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Product Spotlight :: School Rules Bingo

This bingo game was designed to help students learn lean about school rules and behavior expectations and it’s absolutely perfect for the beginning of the year! It works best after students have already been introduced to classroom rules, such as during the first month of school or after long breaks. This pack contains a blank bingo card, pre-made cards, and caller picture cards. Both color and black and white versions are included. It’s available here or at my TpT Store!

1) After making the cards, if applicable, the caller randomly draws from their stack of bingo card pictures and reads the coping strategy to the class.
2) If the student has the called picture on their card, they mark it with a token or other marker.
3) When a student gets 3 pictures in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they say “bingo.” You can also have the students cover up all the pictures (“blackout”) for a slightly longer game. Another fun variation is having the student do one of the following after
they get a “bingo”:

  • Explain why one or more of the rules is important
  • Tell about a time when they saw someone following one or more of the rules
  • Describe how a particular rule is different at school compared to at home

*Note: The “caller cards” are also the perfect size to be kept together in a ring for students to keep with them if they struggle to remember school rules and expectations!

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Product Spotlight :: Social Emotional Tab Book Bundle

Teaching social-emotional skills doesn’t have to be difficult! With Tab Books, students’ drawings, writing, and graphic organizers come together to create a customized book they can be proud of and use a reference whenever they need reminders! Great on their own or as part of an Interactive Notebook, Tab Books are a tried and true way to get your students excited about learning – with little to no prep for you!

This bundle includes all of my tab books – and any others I create in the future! Have an idea for a future book? Just leave a comment and let me know! All of the following are available here or at my TpT Store!


– Anger Tab Book
– Anxiety Tab Book
– School Rules Tab Book
– Bullying Tab Book
– Feelings & Emotions Tab Book
– Listening Tab Book
– Self-Esteem “All About Me” Tab Books

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New Product :: Sequencing Activities for ADHD, Autism, or Executive Functioning

Many students struggle with executive function skills – things like prioritizing, focusing, organizing, completing tasks, or understanding cause and effect.

These sequencing activities provide an opportunity for students to improve their executive functioning or life skills and are great for kids with ADHD, Autism, or Cognitive Impairments. Simply mix up the steps for each situation and have the student put them into the correct order. Each card includes words and pictures for readers or nonreaders and is included in full color and printer-friendly black and white!

To adjust the level of difficulty, use fewer or more steps for each situation.

Cards can also used as visual prompts. Simply post them in a convenient location to remind students how to perform each task independently.

Situations include:  

– Crossing the street
– Getting ready for bed
– Making toast
– Brushing teeth
– Raking leaves
– Making lemonade
– Building a sand castle
– Flying a kite
– Packing a lunch
– Getting ready for school
– Washing hands
– Building a snowman

– Growing a plant
– Making a banana split

– Catching a fish

– Dressing for rain