Student Funnies :: Age is a State of Mind

Student I’ve never met: “Are you a kid? Or are you an adult?” Sometimes even I don’t know the answer to that one!! I couldn’t help but laugh today when a kindergarten student at our school asked me this question. … Continue reading

Student Funnies :: Act Like a Human?

I recently found a game on Pinterest that involves rolling 2 dice – 1 with an emotion word on it, and the other with an animal. Students then get to take turns acting out a sad cat, excited mouse, nervous … Continue reading

Student Funnies :: How they spend their recess

Me: Sorry guys. I can’t keep you for recess. I have another group coming in.

2nd Graders: That’s ok. We have plans for recess.

Me: Oh, you do?

2nd Graders: Yeah! The girls are chasing us.

Wouldn’t want to miss that!


Student Funnies :: My Portrait

One of my students is a very good artist. She drew me the following picture of myself today. I do have to say, she gives me much to much credit for being able to walk in heeled boots and grow … Continue reading

Student Funnies :: My leg…

Student: My leg is swollen. I have to go to the hospital after school to get it x-rated.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that!

Me (thinking): I didn’t realize hospitals were doing that now. They really are becoming full-service!