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Fun Freebie :: Social Skills Cards: Feelings Pack

Feelings Cover

Many social skills curricula take basic social skills and break them into small steps for students to learn individually. Unfortunately, many of those are quite expensive and if your school is anything like mine, administrators aren’t flooding your offices with money to spend. So, I made my own! This pack is available for free on TeacherspayTeachers and contains skill cards for 5 crucial empathy and emotional regulation skills (30 cards in all with decorative card backs):

1. Expressing Your Feelings
2. Dealing with Stress
3. Dealing with Anger
4. Identifying Others’ Feelings
5. Responding to Others’ Negative Feelings

Each skill is broken down into the mental and physical skills needed to carry out the task successfully, so that they can be taught individually. Cards include visuals for students that cannot read. I use these cards with almost all my social skills groups, but I’ve noticed they work especially well for students with Autism!

If you’re interested, I also have 5 other packs available as well, so check out my store and save yourself tons of plan time!