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Fun Freebie :: Body Safety Coloring Pages

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Each year, my school district invites a speaker from our local rape crisis center to talk to all of our students about Body Safety. Legally speaking, it fulfills our state mandate for Erin’s Law, but generally speaking, I believe it is very important information for our students to know. Unfortunately, sexual abuse and exploitation occur way too frequently and as educators and parents, it is crucial that our students know way to keep themselves safe and what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable.

While I was searching around today to look for some information to supplement the material presented in our classrooms, I came across these 5 free coloring pages from the Mama Bear Effect. They have such great information and present it in a way that is accessible to students of many different learning levels. The site also offers some teaching tips for approaching this difficult topic.

Check them out!

Body Safety Coloring Pages Body Safety Coloring Pages

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Pinterest Find :: Toys for Vestibular Development

Toys for Vestibular Development

The other day, I came across this awesome blog post from The Inspired Treehouse. Now, I’m most definitely not an Occupational Therapist, but I feel like sometimes teachers come to me thinking that I am! It’s probably because our poor OT friends are often stretched so thin and across so many buildings that they aren’t always around every time a teacher has a question. That being said, I try to at least have SOME idea of some strategies I can recommend for teachers to try until I can consult with our OT and make sure I’m not just making things up!

Which is why I was very excited when I found this post discussing the best toys for helping kids develop their Vestibular System! At our school, we have several students with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, or other sensory difficulties. One of major areas they need extra support is with movement (usually needing more of it!). This post is actually written by OT’s (which means they know significantly more than I can pretend to know!). It’s one I bookmarked right away and will refer teachers to next time I have a question about a movement-seeking kiddo.

Check it out here!

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Pinterest Find :: Student Self-Reflection Report Card

The other day, I came across this awesome student reflection page by Inspire Me, ASAP! I’m always looking for ways to help students gain awareness over their actions as well as insight into their strengths and weaknesses. I love that this is cute, brief, and provides a visual indicator rather than a number scale. My younger students do so much better with pictures! Want to add it to your toolbox? Click the images below to get them for free!


Student Self-ReflectionStudent Self-Reflection