Product Spotlight :: Site Licenses

Looking to share a product from One-Stop Counseling Shop with all your colleagues at your organization? Rather than having to purchase an additional license for each person, you can just purchase this site license instead. It’s good for an unlimited … Continue reading 

Product Spotlight :: Feelings Posters & Coloring Pages

  Looking for a great set of posters to help students learn about feelings, but don’t went to spend upwards of $20 for them!? This set of posters is great for helping students who struggle with feelings identification learn to … Continue reading 

Product Spotlight :: Mental Filter Activity

Did he seriously just say that? How often has one of our students with Autism, ADHD, or other difficulties said something completely inappropriate to a peer or adult, but not even realize that what they said was inappropriate!? This activity … Continue reading 

Awareness :: Nonsuicidal Self-Injury

Nonsuicidal Self-Injury

Today is Self-Injury Awareness Day. Many people choose to wear an orange ribbon, write “Love” on their arms, or draw a butterfly on their wrist. The ultimate goal of the day, however, is to break down the common stereotypes surrounding … Continue reading 

Sale :: Teacher Hero Sale Extended!

Teacher Hero Sale

Good news! If you weren’t able to get in on the TpT sale fun yesterday, TpT decided to extend their sitewide sale another day!! So, if you use the code: HEROES at checkout, you can get an additional 10% off … Continue reading 

Sale :: Teachers Are Heroes Sale

Teacher Hero Sale

Ever have a teacher that just made everything click for you? Or worked with someone who gave and gave and gave of themselves and their own money in order to help others? Yeah…me too! Well, at TpT, the hard work and … Continue reading 

Product Revision :: Social Emotional Trivia Games

Has anyone else felt like the last few weeks have been a constant “full moon?” I have no idea WHAT’S been going on, but between the constant fire-fighting I’ve been doing, I feel like I haven’t had time to plan … Continue reading 

New Product :: Feelings Scoot

If you’ve been following along, you know that I love “Scoot Games” and I’ve talked about Bullying Scoot and Friendship Scoot in the past. Unfortunately, there’s a million and one ELA and Math Scoots, but virtually NO special ed/counseling Scoots. Go … Continue reading 

Tips & Tricks :: Gold Tag Behavior Management Plan

Behavior Management System

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you may know that I really really dislike behavior clip charts. I know I know…please don’t hurt me! Yes, they’re super easy for teachers, but I honestly cannot tell you how many times … Continue reading 

New Product :: Student Planner Pages

Looking for a way to help your students stay organized? Then check out my newly-added Student Planner Pages! This download contains a weekly and a daily assignment sheet and each page can be printed and copied for your students, or filled … Continue reading