New Product :: Bullying Scoot

I am completely obsessed with the idea of “Scoot Games.”Unfortunately, there’s a million and one ELA and Math Scoots, but virtually NO special ed/counseling Scoots. Go figure, right? Well, I’m going to try to fix that! Our kids deserve to … Continue reading

Product Update :: Winter Social Emotional Activity Pack

Well, it’s been just over 2 years since I first posted my Winter Social-Emotional Activity Pack. It’s definitely been one of my most popular products, and the activities have been used in my classroom many times over. So, I figured … Continue reading

New Product :: Holiday Emotion Clip Art

Many of you will remember some of the new clipart I made. Well, I just put the finishing touches on a holiday pack version of my regular emotion faces! These packs include 15 different emotions + line art of 2 different … Continue reading

Review :: Julia Cook Books

Julia Cook Book Review

One of my favorite authors for social-emotional learning is Julia Cook. She has a book for almost every single type of behavior or situation I encounter as a school social worker and they’re great for on-the-go lesson planning when I’m … Continue reading

New Product :: Emotion Clip Art

I’ve recently started experimenting with making my own clipart for things. There are some social-emotional type images out there, but I felt like for emotions, they all contained happy, sad, scared, and angry and that was about it! So, I … Continue reading

18 Ways to Scare a Social Worker

18 Ways to Scare a Social Worker

I recently saw a hilarious post on Sublime Speech about the Spookiest Things To Do To an SLP. I figured I’d jump on the fun and make a list for school social workers as well (I did borrow a few of … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks :: 25 Best Classroom Management Tips

25 Classroom Management Tips

  Anyone out there have a class this year that’s just one of “those classes?” You know, the ones you swear are going to force you into retirement 5, 10, or 25 years early? The ones who leave you so … Continue reading

New Product :: 2014-2015 Yearly Planner

  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been scrambling to get this product finished and posted (seriously…just ask my husband who hasn’t hardly seen me since the beginning of August!) So, it is with great pride that I announce it … Continue reading

Sale :: Back to School 2014 Sale Extended!

Back to School Sale 2014

Got a case of the back to school blues? I have the perfect cure! TeacherspayTeachers is adding an additional sale day today to allow everyone to get everything they need for back to school for up to 28% off! They’ve never … Continue reading

Sale :: Back to School 2014

Back to School Sale 2014

It’s that time of the year again – time to track down the best deals on markers, glue sticks, and pocket folders, and send the kids off with their clean (for the last time this year) lunch boxes. But if … Continue reading