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Freebies :: #KindnessNation

Inauguration Day is here. As educators, we have the ability to help reinforce values that many of us feel are significantly important at this transition time in our history. An eager group of TpT sellers have been flooding TpT with FREE resources on Inauguration Day that focus on the following topics:

-Understanding our Branches of US Government and the US Constitution
-History of civil rights movements, including suffrage
-Envronmental issues including climate change
-Critical thinking and examining media bias
-Kindness, empathy, compassion
-Equality and inclusion for all people
-Understanding and respecting of cultural differences

I am so excited for my store part of this great opportunity for educators all over the country to fill their toolbox with free items to help their students learn to share kindness, appreciate diversity, and make the world a better place.

To find everything, just go to TeachersPayTeachers and type #kindnessnation or #weholdthesetruths into the search box and hit “search.”


If you’d like to get directly to my freebie, you can find it here:

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Fun Freebie :: How to Be A Friend Classroom Poster Set


Friendship Posters

I was recently browsing through lots of counseling resources on TeachersPayTeachers, checking to see if there was anything new and I came across these awesome posters from Digital Divide and Conquer! They take an often-difficult concept like making friends and break in down into simple steps that all kids can follow. Here are a few pictures of a couple of the posters.

Friendship Posters

Friendship Posters

The best part? They’re free! Go ahead and pick these bad boys up here!

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Fun Freebie :: Positive Thinking Bulletin Board

Positive Thinking Bulletin Board

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me picture she saw on Pinterest. It’s been passed all over the internet by now and I have no idea who the original author of it was, so if someone knows, please let me know so I can link to it!!

Well, I loved this board so much I made my own version on the wall outside my office. You can get it here! I laid everything out like the picture except I titled it “I Am a Positive Student” because our students say that as part of our school pledge each morning and I thought it would be more widely understood by all students.

So far the reception has been really positive!