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Product Spotlight :: Social Emotional Tab Book Bundle

Teaching social-emotional skills doesn’t have to be difficult! With Tab Books, students’ drawings, writing, and graphic organizers come together to create a customized book they can be proud of and use a reference whenever they need reminders! Great on their own or as part of an Interactive Notebook, Tab Books are a tried and true way to get your students excited about learning – with little to no prep for you!

This bundle includes all of my tab books – and any others I create in the future! Have an idea for a future book? Just leave a comment and let me know! All of the following are available here or at my TpT Store!


– Anger Tab Book
– Anxiety Tab Book
– School Rules Tab Book
– Bullying Tab Book
– Feelings & Emotions Tab Book
– Listening Tab Book
– Self-Esteem “All About Me” Tab Books

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New Product :: Social Skills Trading Cards

If there’s one thing I know about my students it’s that they LOVE trading cards – sports cards, cards from their favorite television show, any kind of cards. AND they’ve memorized virtually every statistic possible about their given characters or sports star. However, they don’t love learning every detail about social skills quite as much, until I showed them these!

These cards are designed to look like their other favorite cards, but highlight various strategies for teaching students to interact with others appropriately and improve relationships. They’re great for students who have been diagnosed with Autism or other social difficulties. Each card also features an interactive activity or technique to help students be successful.

These cards are great for activities (ideas below), or can be displayed as posters or held together on a ring for students to keep with them as a reminder.

Cards are presented in full-page (8.5″ x 11″) and trading card (2.5″ x 3.5″) size!

Activity Suggestions:
– “Go Fish” or “Matching,”: Print 2 or 4 sets and play as usual.
– “War”: Print 3-4 sets. Play as usual – the card with the highest star difficulty wins.
– “Spoons”: Print 4 sets. Play as usual.
– Have students draw 3 cards. Role play one of the 3 choices.
– Charades: Students draw a strategy to act out while others guess.



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New Product :: Social Emotional Comics

All right, everyone. I’m REALLY excited about this new resource…like, REALLY excited. I’ve been working on it for awhile and the groups I’ve used it with at school absolutely love it.

These comics provide students with a range of social difficulties the opportunity to observe, interpret, and respond to various social situations. Great for students with Autism, ADHD, Emotional Difficulties, or Cognitive Impairments, these comics are a fun, visual way to get students thinking about their behavior, as well as the behavior and relationships of others.

Includes 40 single-scene comics, 40 “before and after” comics, which allow students to draw what would happen before and after each scene, and several blank comics for students to create their own.

Also included with the comics is a page of questions and discussion starters to help students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and emotional intelligence skills.

Scenes depict a range of school situations in a variety of settings – gym, recess, classroom, library, hallway, office area, etc. Graphics also include various ages, from young child to high school-aged students. Here’s a preview of some of them. Let me know what you think!

And the best part is that they’ll be on sale until this weekend!