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Product Spotlight :: School Rules Bingo

This bingo game was designed to help students learn lean about school rules and behavior expectations and it’s absolutely perfect for the beginning of the year! It works best after students have already been introduced to classroom rules, such as during the first month of school or after long breaks. This pack contains a blank bingo card, pre-made cards, and caller picture cards. Both color and black and white versions are included. It’s available here or at my TpT Store!

1) After making the cards, if applicable, the caller randomly draws from their stack of bingo card pictures and reads the coping strategy to the class.
2) If the student has the called picture on their card, they mark it with a token or other marker.
3) When a student gets 3 pictures in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they say “bingo.” You can also have the students cover up all the pictures (“blackout”) for a slightly longer game. Another fun variation is having the student do one of the following after
they get a “bingo”:

  • Explain why one or more of the rules is important
  • Tell about a time when they saw someone following one or more of the rules
  • Describe how a particular rule is different at school compared to at home

*Note: The “caller cards” are also the perfect size to be kept together in a ring for students to keep with them if they struggle to remember school rules and expectations!

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New Product :: Social Emotional Comics

All right, everyone. I’m REALLY excited about this new resource…like, REALLY excited. I’ve been working on it for awhile and the groups I’ve used it with at school absolutely love it.

These comics provide students with a range of social difficulties the opportunity to observe, interpret, and respond to various social situations. Great for students with Autism, ADHD, Emotional Difficulties, or Cognitive Impairments, these comics are a fun, visual way to get students thinking about their behavior, as well as the behavior and relationships of others.

Includes 40 single-scene comics, 40 “before and after” comics, which allow students to draw what would happen before and after each scene, and several blank comics for students to create their own.

Also included with the comics is a page of questions and discussion starters to help students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and emotional intelligence skills.

Scenes depict a range of school situations in a variety of settings – gym, recess, classroom, library, hallway, office area, etc. Graphics also include various ages, from young child to high school-aged students. Here’s a preview of some of them. Let me know what you think!

And the best part is that they’ll be on sale until this weekend!



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New Product :: Apple-Themed Behavior Sort Activity

This fun activity was designed to help students discriminate between positive, appropriate, or expected behavior and negative, inappropriate, or unexpected behavior.

Apple Behavior Activity

It activity contains 16 positive behavior cards and 16 negative behavior cards in both full-color and printer-friendly black and white. The engaging pictures provide visual support for younger non-reading students or those with Autism or other disabilities. Students sort the behaviors and while doing so can be asked questions such as:

“Why is this behavior inappropriate for school?”
“How do you think someone would feel if this happened to them?” “Is this rule the same at home and at school?”
“Has this ever happened to you? What happened?”

Apple Behavior Activity Apple Behavior Activity
The activity refers to behaviors as “super sweet” or “sour situation” so you can use your own terms (i.e. positive, appropriate, or expected behavior) to reinforce whatever vocabulary your students are familiar most with.