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New Product :: Social Emotional Trivia Games

All right…so it’s getting to that time of year when I really start running out of new ideas for my social skills and counseling groups. I feel like there’s only so many ways we can go over controlling anger before I (and they) are ready to pull our hair out. It seems like at least once a week someone asks me, “but can’t we play a game on your computer?”

And really, they have a point. I mean, there are so many websites that have reading and math games, but far fewer that have counseling and social work games. So, I made these!  They’re Jeopardy-style trivia games in Powerpoint format that cover a whole bunch of different topics. Even my squirmy kids pay attention 🙂

Each has 24 editable questions to help kids learn about a variety of social and emotional skill topics:

The questions are just “think and answer” questions either. I made sure to make it interactive, so they’ll be drawing, acting, thinking, and talking! And while I don’t have a Smartboard, a few lucky people I’ve talked to do and they’ve been able to use this on their as well for a whole class.

So hop on over to my store and pick them up for yourself!  There’s also a version for Divorce that’s free if you’d like to try it out first!

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New Product :: 180 Social Skills Cards: The Ultimate Pack

Ultimate Social Skills Card Pack

This is a follow-up post to the freebie Feelings Cards I just posted recently! I created this social skills curriculum after realizing that many of the best curricula out there just break down complex social skills into small steps for students and cost upwards of $50! This download includes all 180 cue cards (with decorative card backs) for 30 different social skills from the following card packs, for much less!

Self Esteem Cover Problem Solving Cover School Success Cover

Communication Cover Feelings Cover Friendship Cover

Each skill is broken down into the mental and physical skills needed to carry out the task successfully, so that they can be taught individually. Cards include visuals for students that cannot read. A few cards are left blank to be customized if needed.

Skills Include:
– Tattling and Reporting
– Dealing with Anger
– Identifying Emotions
– Apologizing
– Setting a Goal
– Dealing with Peer Pressure
– Following Directions
– Choosing Friends
– Starting a Conversation

and 21 more!

As a special thank you to all of you followers, get it here free for the next week! After that, it’ll be available on my TpT store 🙂

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New Product :: Anger Complete Bundles (K-2) and (3-5)

Anger Complete Bundle

*Update: This original bundle from long ago has been split into two separate products – one for Grades K-2 and one for Grades 3-5! Be sure to read the descriptions carefully on TpT to make sure you get the one to best fit your needs!*

My students often have difficulty dealing with anger in safe, appropriate ways. If you’re like me and are looking too add to your counseling toolbox with some activities to help students to recognize anger and learn coping skills, look no further! Instead of individually having to sort through products and add them to your cart, just purchase one of these bundles. There’s one for Grades K-2 and one for Grades 3-5. Make sure you get the right one!

First up is the older student bundle!

It contains several different activities you can use to help teach emotional regulation skills and coping strategies to students who many be diagnosed with Autism, Bipolar Disorder, or other difficulties, including:

– Coping Skills Bingo Game – older student version only

Coping Skills Bingo
Escape from Anger Volcano Game

Escape from Anger Volcano
– Anger Tab Book

Anger Trivia Game

– Trigger Checklist
– Anger Body Worksheet

Anger Complete Bundle

Next up is the bundle for younger students!

It includes:

– Coping Skills Bingo Game – older student version only

Coping Skills Bingo


  • and a few extras you can’t get anywhere else. Check out the full description here!