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New Product :: Anger Complete Bundles (K-2) and (3-5)

Anger Complete Bundle

*Update: This original bundle from long ago has been split into two separate products – one for Grades K-2 and one for Grades 3-5! Be sure to read the descriptions carefully on TpT to make sure you get the one to best fit your needs!*

My students often have difficulty dealing with anger in safe, appropriate ways. If you’re like me and are looking too add to your counseling toolbox with some activities to help students to recognize anger and learn coping skills, look no further! Instead of individually having to sort through products and add them to your cart, just purchase one of these bundles. There’s one for Grades K-2 and one for Grades 3-5. Make sure you get the right one!

First up is the older student bundle!

It contains several different activities you can use to help teach emotional regulation skills and coping strategies to students who many be diagnosed with Autism, Bipolar Disorder, or other difficulties, including:

– Coping Skills Bingo Game – older student version only

Coping Skills Bingo
Escape from Anger Volcano Game

Escape from Anger Volcano
– Anger Tab Book

Anger Trivia Game

– Trigger Checklist
– Anger Body Worksheet

Anger Complete Bundle

Next up is the bundle for younger students!

It includes:

– Coping Skills Bingo Game – older student version only

Coping Skills Bingo


  • and a few extras you can’t get anywhere else. Check out the full description here!

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New Product :: Social Skills Land

Sometimes we have to disguise learning into games! Students love Candyland®, but don’t always like talking about bullying, anger control, or problem-solving.

Students of all ability levels love moving their piece along the same Candyland® board they’ve come to know and love, and hardly even realize they’re learning at the same time! For older students, you don’t even have to use a board. Just use question cards in a trivia-type game and award points for correct answers/attempts.

Luckily, they can do both with Social Skills Land! This contains 576 EDITABLE cards (with decorative card backs for easy organization) to help students learn about the following topics:

  • Anger Control
  • Positive Thinking
  • Debugging
  • Bullying
  • Feelings
  • Friendship

Social Skills Land
– Safety
– Cause & Effect
– Compromise
– Manners
– Divorce

Social Skills Land
– Mental Health/Disability Info
– Antonyms/Synonyms
– WH Questions
– Pragmatic Language
– Inferences

Social Skills Land
– Body Language
– Categories

Example Questions:

1) What is an antonym for “bumpy”?
2) MAKE IT POSITIVE! I’ll probably fail this test just like the other ones.
3) Draw a scared person.
4 What does interrupting mean?
5) TRUE OR FALSE? When parents split up, it is because they don’t love their kids anymore.
6) Act out what an angry person would look like.

Note: Candyland® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc. I am not affiliated in any way with Hasbro, Inc!


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Review :: Erin Condren Life Planner 2012

I honestly can’t remember where I heard about the Erin Condren Life Planner, but it’s something I tell other people about constantly now!

Ever since graduating college and getting my first social work job, I have looked forward to shopping for my school planner each year. I think it goes back to always looking forward to school supply shopping. Since I don’t have the use for new scissors, gym shoes, and rulers every year, getting a planner fills that void!

My only difficulty comes with my desire for color-coding, prettyness, and customization, which unfortunately isn’t found in most “adult” planners 🙁



Uh…yeah gee, these types of things make me look forward to my full day of meetings ahead! There’s been some sites in the past where you can personalize the size, format, and some colors on the planner, but it’s generally pretty limited and most of them have gone out of business after a year or too.

Which is why I actually started screaming when I found this (seriously, ask my husband…he thought I was crazy!) Erin Condren has finally done what I’ve been begging planner companies for: created a planner that is customizable, very cute, and makes me excited about the day ahead each time I look at it. It also comes with customizable stickers if you’d like. I mean, what other planner can you get that comes with stickers of your family members’ faces!?top-1

I will say they are a bit pricier than ordinary planners you’d get at Office Max or Staples, but honestly, you’re going to spend at least 10 minutes each day looking at it so you may as well like it! The price tag sting disappears the moment I got my planner and has never resurfaced again. SO worth it!

Here are a few pictures of my planner!




P.S. Make sure you order early. They take a couple weeks to make and ship (they’re making yours completely individually, after all!) I ordered mine toward the end of July and got it in time for the start of school about 3 weeks later.