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Fun Freebie :: Multiple Intelligence Survey for Kids

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I was super excited when I came across Laura Candler’s Multiple Intelligence Survey freebie on TeachersPayTeachers the other day! I’ve been wanting to incorporate Multiple Intelligence Theory into a bunch of my groups this school year, but didn’t want to completely re-invent the wheel. I have several students who have learning disabilities or other difficulties who have clear skills in one area (like math, or music, or interpersonal skills), but just don’t do well in school and as a result, think think that they’re “dumb.” I’m really excited to help them discover their strengths and realize that not everyone is good at all the same things!

If you’re looking for Laura’s full unit, you can get it here. According to her description, “It includes step-by-step lessons plans for the teacher as well as a student MI survey, printables, student directions, and answer keys. The unit is easy to teach and lots of fun for students, and it will help them develop an understanding of basic MI theory and how they learn best. The suggested time frame for this unit is one to two weeks.”

Teaching Multiple Intelligences