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Tips & Tricks :: 12 Classroom Uses for Spray Paint

12 Classroom Uses for Spray Paint

As I’m getting ready for the school year, I’m always look for quick, inexpensive ways to add a little pizzaz to my office for the year. One of the ways I LOVE to do this is by using spray paint. There’s just something about spending $3 and having a massive transformation done in less than 10 minutes! I’ve scoured the internet and put together a huge list of things you can remodel with spray paint for your classroom. Please add your own in the comments!!

– Spray Paint Chairs

If you’re like me, you somehow ended up with 4 mismatching chairs because you don’t have a “real class” since you only see kids in groups of 3-6. Not for long!

Spray Paint Chairs

– Storage Drawers. I have a pink one (which was the only color available at the time), which doesn’t exactly scream gender-neutral to a clientele of mostly boys…I’m going to have to get on this!

Painted Sterilite Bins

– File Cabinets.  Goodbye beige, hello happiness!

Painted File Cabinets

  • Classy Alphabet Letters. I know several students who would love these!

Spray Paint Letters

– Adorable Garbage Cans

Adorable Garbage Cans

  • Supply Caddies

Supply Caddy

– Library Sticks (or hall passes, or lunch tickets, etc.)

Library Sticks

– Plastic Dollar Store Baskets

Baskets– Clipboards

Clipboards– Cookie Sheet Magnetic Activities

Cookie Sheets

– Clothes Pins

Clothes Pins

– Chalkboards


All right, let’s hear it! How else do you use spray paint to jazz up your office or classroom?