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New Product :: Yoga for Kids Bingo

ADHD, Trauma, Autism, Behavior Problems – today’s students come into the classroom with a range of difficulties that can affect their physical and mental well-being, as well as make it difficult to keep themselves regulated at school.

Yoga has been used in classrooms across the world to improve student strength, body awareness, flexibility, and focus. This bingo game was designed to help students learn many different kid-friendly yoga poses and are a great resource for mindfulness time, calm down corners, brain breaks, indoor recess, or physical education classes.

This pack contains blank bingo cards and pictures for students to create their own card, 15 premade cards, and caller picture cards.

1) After making the cards, if applicable, the caller randomly draws from their stack of bingo card pictures and reads the yoga pose to the class.
2) If the student has the called picture on their card, they mark it with a token or other marker.
3) When a student gets 5 pictures in a row (or 3 for the younger version) horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they yell “bingo.” They then recite the poses and do one of the following (optional) to collect their prize:

– Choose 1 to demonstrate
– Do all 4 poses in a sequence
– Tell about a benefit one of their selected yoga poses has on their body (i.e. improve strength, flexibility, concentration, etc.)


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