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Fun Freebie :: You’re a Smart Kid: Multiple Intelligence Posters for Kids

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I don’t know about you, but I find myself talking to kids all the time who feel like failures because they don’t think they’re as “smart” as their classmates or siblings. In these times, I often talk about how some kids are really good at some things and other kids are really good at others, but I always wish I had some sort of visual or other “proof” that I’m not just making something up to help them feel better!

Then I recently came across this awesome freebie on Pinterest. It was created by Susan Morrow and is available in her TpT store. It includes 9 posters based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Here’s what Susan says about them:

“Every child is smart in a number of ways, but they often only think of kids who excel in academics as smart. Refer to the posters often in the classroom when doing different types of activities. It’s fun when you are studying biographies of famous people to talk about the different types of intelligence they demonstrate.
I hope you enjoy these posters as much as I enjoyed making them. Keep ’em Thinking!”

Thanks for an awesome product, Susan. I’ve already printed them all out and can’t wait to laminate and hang them in my room!

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