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Fun Freebie :: 45 Classroom-Friendly Fidgets

rubber bands

Recently, I’ve been on the quest for fidgets that teachers won’t throw a fit when I give their students. Come on, we’ve all been there. 🙂 Well, luckily, I found this awesome freebie on TeachersPayTeachers from Snagglebox that gives great ideas all about different types of fidgets!
Fidget Toys

Here’s another idea for a fidget!

While I was working through school this week, I noticed several of my more energetic students sporting a good 5-10 rubber band bracelets. It’s amazing how you can wait 10 years, start making friendship bracelets out of rubber bands, change their name, and all of a sudden, the boys like making them even more than girls! While they were standing in line, my students were spinning them, twisting them, and rolling them in their hands. Natural fidgets! Now of course, teachers have had to set ground rules about them (no making bracelets during class, no sling- shooting rubber bands, etc.), but what do we NOT have to make rules about at school?


What fidgets do you have that work well for your kids??

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  1. […] of things you can use as fidgets. I’ve shared a great resource that details many of them here, but examples include keychains, pieces of exercise band, paper clamps, pipe cleaners with pony […]

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