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New Product :: Emotion Clip Art

Emotion Clip Art

Emotion Clip Art

I’ve recently started experimenting with making my own clipart for things. There are some social-emotional type images out there, but I felt like for emotions, they all contained happy, sad, scared, and angry and that was about it! So, I was really excited once I figured out how to make my own and now I’m sharing them 🙂 These packs include 15 different emotions + line art of 2 different ethnicities. They’re great for making your own lesson materials for sites like TeachersPayTeachers or for making activities for your own classroom! You could also just print them out and make flash cards! The emotions that are included are:

  • Angry
  • Bored
  • Content
  • Disappointed
  • Embarrassed
  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Nervous
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Shy
  • Sick
  • Silly
  • Surprised
  • Tired

Emotion Clip Art Emotion Clip Art

I’m hoping to make some more social skills/behavior/emotion clip art in the future. Is there anything you’d like to see?