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New Product :: Feelings Tab Book

I’m really excited to share this new product with you because teaching social-emotional skills doesn’t have to be difficult! With Tab Books, students’ drawings, writing, and graphic organizers come together to create a customized book they can be proud of and use a reference whenever they need reminders! Great on their own or as part of an Interactive Notebook, Tab Books are a tried and true way to get your students excited about learning! I have my students for 30 minutes sessions and they usually take 2-3 sessions to complete.

This book helps students learn how to recognize and cope with a variety of emotions. There are 8 different feelings total, but books can be made with 4 or 8 pages to suit your students best.

The best part? Print and go. No fancy supplies or prep needed!

Feelings Tab Book

Feelings Tab Book Feelings Tab Book
I have several other tab books and I’m planning to add more in the future, so check back often for new ones! Any topics you’d like to see? Leave them in the comments!