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New Product :: Social Emotional IEP Goal Writing Guide

Social Emotional Goal Writing

It’s true…IEP season is nearly upon us. And with that comes lots of meetings and LOTS of paperwork. It probably won’t surprise you to know, but the thing I hate most about IEP’s is writing goals. Sure, I’ve been taught probably 10 different times how to write measurable, strong IEP goals, but for some reason it never stuck.

So, I took matters into my own hands, read a few articles, and made myself a “cheat book.” This is the result!  I learned so much in the process and I hope that this can also help you as well.

Social and emotional skills goals can be difficult – we’re not measuring words per minute, correct speech sounds, or math facts. Human behavior as a whole tends to be more subjective than many other skills students learn in school. However, it is possible to write great social emotional goals for students.

This guide contains the following:
– 5 tips to help you write more measurable, observable, legally strong goals to help your students
– description and examples of the 2 major social-emotional goal types
– formula with blanks which you can fill in to painlessly create customized goals for a variety of student needs
– lots of examples to save you time and sanity!

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